Maintenance 4.0

Digitalizing maintenance for operational excellence

Solutions to link tools and systems

The development of new products requires shared access to more and more technical data and collaboration between teams often working in different countries. Combining consultancy and project integration, CS GROUP has developed solutions that make it possible to combine different tools involved in the life cycle of a product: CAD (Computer Aided Design), TDMS (Technical Document Management Systems), CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) and CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems).

The cutting-edge simulation solutions offered by CS GROUP make it possible to connect production data management systems and the main integrated management software packages on the market. Combining recognized expertise in the field of virtual and augmented reality with our experience of managing large volumes of data from sensors, CS GROUP also deploys innovative solutions for the optimization of maintenance operations.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance forms part of a cost-effective approach, allowing users to predict breakdowns and optimize the scheduling of visits to equipment or the planned maintenance of production lines. Using data provided by equipment (via sensors, digital controls and IoT) makes it possible to detect weak signals that point to imminent malfunction.

As well as controlling the data chain from sensors to alerts, which entails voluminous data history and heavy processing, predictive maintenance is designed to ensure operational excellence. It means taking into account environmental parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure, etc.) and data from information systems (CMMS, IMS, etc.), making it possible to improve the performance of equipment and tools.


  • Modification of manufacturing processes to meet client requirements
  • Optimization of equipment controls based on sensor data
  • Improvement of product life cycle management processes


  • Client behavior
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Residual lifetime


  • Voice assistants, Chatbots, Cobots
  • Surveillance, behavioral analysis
  • Automatic language processing (ex: requirement analysis)
  • Driverless vehicles

Acknowledged expertise

CS GROUP has acquired extensive expertise in predictive maintenance with its key clients, especially in the aeronautics sector. This expertise combines integration, technical data processing and data-related value creation and artificial intelligence, and is supported by the Data Intelligence platform METIS.


Our teams work in close collaboration with your experts to ensure the success of your predictive maintenance projects.

The result of a Data Science R&D project carried out in collaboration with LIG (Laboratoire Informatique de Grenoble), the IKATS solution (Innovative ToolKit for Analyzing Time Series) brings together easy-to-use tools for the processing, exploratory analysis and visualization of large amounts of Time Series (TS) data in a single Big Data framework. IKATS is a visual environment designed to help scientists and engineers design workflows that accelerate the exploration of Big Data sets. It explores and generates predictive models making it possible to supervise manufacturing industry production lines or assist with the operation of high-tech industrial systems that rely on networks of sensors.

Assistance with maintenance

Maintenance training

CS GROUP develops maintenance training simulators based on the unique expertise of its brand Diginext, a the leading provider in France in the fields of modeling, simulation, interactive visualization and training in critical contexts.

Virtual maintenance trainers (VMTs) are the best way to rapidly learn and retain technical skills. They allow the trainee to carry out operations on virtual equipment, to reproduce all types of situations, and to train inexpensively and without risk of harm to operators or equipment.

Augmented maintenance

CS GROUP offers solutions that bring major benefits in terms of productivity and quality during on-site maintenance operations by providing access to the right information at the right time and expert remote assistance.

Developed with the help of Inscape SW software, the applications deployed by CS GROUP make it possible to superimpose data on the real environment: sensor data, 3D documentation, check lists, media, etc. When this is not enough, the operator can be assisted by remote maintenance experts.

3D Documentation tool

High-tech organizations in fields such as defense, aerospace, car manufacturing, shipbuilding and energy must remain competitive. Improving product documentation (clear assembly instructions, component catalogues, training materials and product manuals) helps to reduce production costs and time to market.

The Cortona3D RapidAuthor suite helps to improve competitiveness by providing direct access to CAD/PLM data and making it available for all documentation needs, from 2D to entirely interactive 3D content. CS GROUP is a reseller of Cortona3D and fully endorses its Augmented Maintenance offering, allowing clients to enjoy the full benefits of augmented reality.