Counter-UAV : French Army STAT performs testing of an end-to-end integrated solution, with the support of CS Group and OpenWorks Engineering

An evaluation of OpenWorks Engineering, SkyWall net capture systems together with CS GROUP counter-drone system BOREADES was recently conducted by the innovative STAT unit from the French Army, at a test range in the south of France. Soldiers were trained to operate both SkyWall Patrol (previously known as SkyWall100) and SkyWall Auto connected to and piloted by CS’BOREADES Command & Control (C2) with a 3D detection radar, prior to a test that saw a total of 24 target engagements.

A range of drones were engaged in a wide variety of scenarios, with the French operators achieving captures at new record altitudes and ranges, at day and night. The SkyWall Patrol system was also tested in a range of scenarios, such as deployment from a tactical vehicle.

SkyWall Auto was integrated with CS’ BOREADES C2 and 3D radar systems to allow autonomous operation. After detecting a drone, the BOREADES C2 transmits the target track to SkyWall Auto which responds by locking onto the drone using the latest computer vision technology. The system then automatically scans the sky to adjust precisely the drone location and the operator can then capture the drone at the press of one button. In a close future it will be possible to connect the video stream from the SkyWall to the C2.

Marjan Boudenoodt, International Coordinator of OpenWorks Engineering commented:
“OpenWorks will continue to drive the development of the best systems in the world and by closely working with the world’s leading military organisations, believe SkyWall net capture systems will remain the most capable available.”

Egidio Cau, Managing Director of counter-drone activities for CS GROUP commented:
“CS GROUP strengthens its position of integration leader for counter-drone solutions on the French and worldwide market, we aim at delivering innovative global solutions to our Customers, to respond to the ever-changing threat. The cooperation with OpenWorks Engineering and integration of the SkyWall Auto and the SkyWall Patrol to our counter-drone solution have proven very successful, and we are looking forward to continuing our collaboration”

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