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Experience CS GROUP and get a taste of life in a company

Helping you to move forward and thrive

Working for CS GROUP means joining an organisation focused on high-growth sectors in France and abroad.

Joining us means giving yourself the opportunity to move your career forward as an intern with potential for a permanent contract, as part of a team whose members all share our core values of engagement, connection and innovation.


CS GROUP wants to meet you

CS GROUP has built strong links with engineering schools and universities whose courses match our core activities.

To develop and strengthen our links and partnerships with these academic institutions, CS GROUP has created an internal network of “ambassadors”: employees who liaise directly with them. CS GROUP also actively participates in events such as school forums, HR workshops, student visits to our offices and sponsoring.


Internships at CS GROUP: a springboard for students!

To provide young people with easy access to training and careers, CS GROUP offers a range of opportunities in the framework of our relationships with schools (apprenticeships, work-study programmes, postgraduate internships).

Experience CS GROUP and take your first steps into the corporate world: learn about core activities, methodology, teamwork and customer relations. We’ll take you to the very heart of exciting subjects and fascinating projects!

Our interns get jobs!

CS GROUP is eager to offer jobs to interns. On average 30 interns are given permanent contracts every year.

Training interns as if they are future employees means offering high-quality training and constructive experience in the field. Managing and monitoring our interns is one of our top priorities.

Like Christelle, join CS GROUP as an intern and move on to your first real job!

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