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At CS GROUP, we provide a simplified recruitment experience

Discover CS GROUP!

Shortly after you arrive, you’ll be invited to an onboarding event so that you can get to know CS GROUP and share your initial impressions with your new colleagues.


You’ll be provided with e-learning and videoconferencing training so that you’re fully prepared to begin working on your professional projects with all the information and support you need.

Follow in their footsteps: join CS GROUP!


CS GROUP wants to meet you!

CS GROUP develops its network of partner schools and actively takes part in events such as in-school careers forums, student conferences, HR workshops, corporate open-door events and student sponsorships.

To develop and strengthen our connections with partner schools, we’ve created an internal network of ambassadors who work directly with these schools and sometimes give classes there.

Find out more about these initiatives and others on the CSR page.


Whatever your background and experience, you can contribute to the success of our projects

CS GROUP is constantly evolving; we are seeking out new talents to help us to do what we do best and to shape the world of tomorrow. Whether you are a student, a graduate or an expert in your field, we will support you throughout your career so that you always feel fulfilled and are able to achieve your personal goals.


Looking for an internship or a work-study programme? We’ll make sure your first work placement is enriching and inspiring.


Looking for your first or second job? Why not join a diverse team with a broad range of skills and experience?


We offer a technically challenging environment, a culture of engagement and teams who are passionate about what they do.

Do you know someone who works for CS GROUP? A friend or former colleague perhaps?

Would you like to join us and work on our innovative projects?

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