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Personalised support for your talent

Engagement, connection and innovation

CS GROUP has a differentiated position in the digital services market. We are an agile, innovative European mid-sized organisation with an entrepreneurial culture and a high level of technical and core activity expertise.

Joining us means giving yourself the means to move forward and thrive throughout your career by working as part of an enthusiastic team in France or abroad, focused on our core values of engagement, connection and innovation.


Personalised support

To facilitate graduate recruitment, we pay particularly attention to onboarding and monitoring young team members. You will be supported from day one until the end of your trial period.

We will welcome you with open arms and provide you with a welcome pack and all the tools and information you need. You’ll also be invited to take part in a training path to familiarise you with our core activities.

Onboarding day will be a key experience for you, providing an opportunity to meet other new team members. You’ll also be able to meet and talk to members of the executive committee.


CS GROUP cultivates its talents

Thanks to regular monitoring, CS GROUP offers training adapted to your needs and tasks that match your skills and key assets.


We support internal promotion via specific training. The CS GROUP training centre allows us to offer personalised training paths. Courses focus on management, methodologies used in CS GROUP projects, technology, clients’ core activities and tools, personal development and communication.

Our skills and expertise

Our constant challenge is to use cutting-edge technology to respond to our clients’ critical needs. Here are our main areas of expertise and examples of how they are applied:



ANSSI partner, certified PASSI and LPM, with CERT, we secure the infrastructures of the most critical industries (nuclear/military) and guarantee the most sensitive information (Lotto, electronic registered mail, notarised signatures, etc.)


Cloud / DevOps

As specialists in multi-cloud approaches we favour opensource environments and cloud complementarity (private, public, etc.) in order to guarantee data sovereignty and protection. This forms part of a DevOps culture that improves the agility of our infrastructures.

Data Intelligence/AI

Data Intelligence/AI

We have developed secure agnostic technology with embedded AI that is adaptable to big data and can be used for terrestrial observation, rescue operations and aeronautics.

Software Development/Embedded Systems

Software Development/Embedded Systems

Whether it be embedded processors, communications software, control/command software or image processing software, we develop standardised mission-critical applications based on a range of technologies: C, C+%, C#, Java, Python, React/AngularJS, etc.

Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

To build engagement and autonomy, we are able to design complete systems: ground-to-air communication, zone detection/OTH radar, passenger transport communication, etc.

Scientific Core Business

Scientific Core Business

Being close to our customers also entails providing advice and support in specific fields from our experts in neutronics, thermohydraulics, space mechanics, etc. Core activities and computing go hand in hand at CS!

3D/Mixed reality production

3D/Mixed reality production

We allow our clients to simulate their training or even to control their environment via virtual or augmented reality platforms: machine maintenance, training scenarios, 3D operations mapping, etc.

Like Quentin, join CS GROUP and contribute to the success of our projects while developing your skills!

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